For the Love of Vintage

There is something about finding vintage pieces from flea markets, consignment shops and yard sales. The excitement arises along with fascination and many times perplexed what those specific items actually were used for. I grew up antiquing with my parents. They were avid collectors and often times those crazy looking tools were something that they remembered being in their grandparents homes. Myself being a commercial photographer that specializes in food photography, I tend to gravitate toward vintage utensils to shoot in my projects. Food photography is my passion since I love to cook and I believe food is an art equally classified with many other genres. Food and photography both commonly tell a story of tradition, memories, emotion and passion.

The content of this image was created with a vintage marshmallow toaster. I loved the style of this tiny device and when I came across this little metal gem in a box in my parent’s garage, I knew I could create something really cool with it. I set up the scene and added light painting to add a sense of movement and design.

I think the most fun of creating this continuous series is the hunt for the props. I challenge you all to dig through your garage and attics or make that stop at a random flea market. You never know what you will come across. This image expresses the idea of making something memorable that in many senses was forgotten.


American Lung Association - Fight for Air Climb

It always feels good to give back my services to capture images and be a part of fund raising events that are created for such a great cause. I volunteered my photography services in Philadelphia last weekend for the American Lung Association. Athletes, Fire Fighters, Women and Children of all ages climbed 50 flights of stairs at Three Logan Square to raise awareness for lung disease and also to raise money for treatment and care for those that are suffering. Some were even brave enough to venture the century climb embarking upon two rounds of the grueling 50 story climb. Fire fighters impressively climbed with their entire gear on, while even one member of the group played the bag pipes during the entire climb. There were many inspiring stories of cancer and lung disease survivors, participants doing the cause for their loved ones and there was even a winner of their age group at the age of 69 years old! This was a truly remarkable experience and impliments the concept that anything is possible. 

Fight For AIr Philly March 25, 2017-278.jpg